Stainless Steel Black Round Bar

ASTM A276 SS Black Rod & Hex Bar stock from 4mm – 300mm as per BS EN 10088-3:2014 Standard

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Stainless Steel Black Round Bar
Stainless Steel Black Round Bar
ASTM A276 SS Black Rod
ASTM A276 SS Black Rod
Black Flat Bar Black Flat Bar


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 Black bars are nothing but metallic bars that have been coated with black oxide. Black oxide is simply a conversion coating that may be employed on different alloys including ferrous materials, copper and copper-based alloys,  stainless steel, Alloy Steel Black Bar, powdered metal as well as zinc, and silver solder. A reason why manufacturers prefer using the Astm A276 Stainless Steel Black Bar is that this type of coating may be used to supplement mild corrosion resistance in the alloy. Secondly, the appearance of Industrial Black Bar & Rods gets a makeover to a darker shade, or simply for aesthetics.

Lastly, some applications require dull components as their primary requirement. Dulling down the shine of such components is possible by using a coat of black oxide on the layer of these bars. Alloys such as nickel based ones tend to have a higher reflection of light. Hence, the use of black oxide on Nickel Alloy Black Bar works towards minimizing the reflection of light. In order to achieve maximum corrosion resistance, the black oxide coating applied on Carbon Steel Black Bar needs to be in an emulsified form with the use of substrates such as oil or wax.

A visible advantage of applying black oxide coat on the Duplex Black Bar in comparison to other coatings is that it has a minimal buildup. Generally, ferrous materials such as SS Black Square Bar could be coated with black oxide by using any of the following methods i.e. – hot black oxide, mid temperature black oxide or cold black oxide. Blackening 300 and 400 series SS Black Rods, as well as the precipitation hardening alloy 17-4 PH, is practised by using a blend of chemicals such as caustic, oxidizing, and sulfur salts.


Material Specification Chart of Stainless Steel Black Round Bar

  • Finish : Bright, Polish & Black
  • Diameter : 25mm to 152mm
  • Range : 3.17 MM TO 350 MM DIA
  • Length : 1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
  • Condition : Cold Drawn & Polished Cold Drawn, Centreless Ground & Polished
  • Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wiremesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.,
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