Phosphor Bronze C544

ASTM B103 UNS C51000 phosphor bronze material suppliers used in the manufacturing of springs, fasteners, and bolts

Ready stock of UNS C52100/C52400/C53400 Alloy Products used for electrical products because they have superb spring qualities


Phosphor Bronze C544
Phosphor Bronze C544
ASTM B103 UNS C51000 phosphor bronze
ASTM B103 UNS C51000 phosphor bronze
UNS C52100 Alloy ProductsUNS C52100 Alloy Products


Like brass, phosphor bronze belongs to the copper family. The chemical composition of this alloy includes copper, which is then alloyed with tin and phosphorous. If free machining phosphor bronze is required,  the material will be alloyed with a significant amount of lead. A specification that explicitly caters to this material is ASTM B103. Product belonging to ASTM B103 phosphor bronze are required to be produced by the use of any of the following techniques i.e. hot or cold working, hot or cold rolling, and annealing. Products, according to this specification are to adhere to the parameters given herein.

Primarily the UNS C51000 phosphor bronze must conform to chemical analysis, a tensile strength in addition to the Rockwell hardness tests specified. The Tension test performed on the C53400 Phosphor Bronze material must be such that the longitudinal axis of the unit must be kept parallel to the direction of rolling. Because there are several alloy grades that fall under this specification, the chemical composition of the said alloys is required to conform to UNS designation for e.g. C51000 Phosphor Bronze of the material.

Which is why, a chemical composition test is subjected to each product constructed under this specification including plates, rolled bars, sheets, as well as strips of C52400 Phosphor Bronze. In addition to having good physical properties, the content of copper gives the C544 Phosphor bronze components a fair level of electrical conductivity and good strength in cryogenic environments. Another benefit of using C52100 Phosphor Bronze is that they are reasonable in terms of their costing.


Phosphor Bronze Strips Specifications

Material Phosphor Bronze
Packing Type Roll
Finish Polished
Available Hardness Soft, Quarter Hard, Half Hard, 3/4 Hard, Spring Hard, Hard, Extra Hard
Thickness 0.05-2mm
Width 4mm-406mm


Phosphor Bronze Sheets Specification

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram
Shape Rectangular
Material Bronze
Temper Hard, spring hard, half hard, quarter hard and soft
Available Hardness Soft, Half Hard, Spring Hard, Hard
Available Size 14X48, 16X48, 24X48, 48X48 Inches
Thickness 0.10-10mm


Phosphor Bronze Wire

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Kg
Usage/Application Industrial
Thickness 0.10MM TILL 5MM


Phosphor Bronze Chemical Specifications

ASTM B-103

Standard Specification for Phosphor Bronze Plate, Sheet, Strip and Rolled Bar


ASTM Spec. B-103 B-103 B-103 B-103 B-103 B-103 B-103
ASTM Spec. Annealed H01 H02 H04 H06 H08 H10
Temper Annealed Quarter Hard Half Hard Hard Tempered Extra Hard Spring Temper Extra Spring
Alloy 510 510 510 510 510 510 510
UNS Number C51000 C51000 C51000 C51000 C51000 C51000 C51000
Tensile Strength 43-58   58-73 76-91 88-103 95-110 100-114
Min – Max psi
Rockwell B – Scale 12-64   60-85 84-93 89-96 92-98 94-99
Min – Max
Superficicial 24-59   53-73 71-78 74-81 76-82 77-83
Min – Max
Alloy B-103 B-103 B-103 B-103
UNS Number Annealed H01 H02 H04
Chemical composition %
Alloy 510 511 511 511
UNS Number C51000 C51000 C51900 C52100
Tin 4.2-5.8 3.5-4.9 5.0-7.0 7.0-9.0
Phosphorus .003-.35 .03-.35 .03-.35 .03-.35
Iron, max 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Lead, max 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05
Zinc, max 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Copper remainder remainder remainder remainder


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