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6 Moly S31254


254SMo, UNS S31254, 6 Moly AlloyUNS S31254 (Equal and Superior Than 254 SMO,EN 1.4547) is an austenitic stainless steel of the ELC type developed for use in seawater and other aggressive chloride-bearing media. The steel is characterized by the following properties:

1.excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion
22high resistance to general corrosion
3.high resistance to stress corrosion cracking
4.higher strength t han conventional austenitic stainless steelsgood weldability

Alloy254SMO Chemical Composition:Ni:17.5~18.5 Cr:19.5~20.5 Mo:6~6.5 Cu:0.5~1.0 N:0.18~0.22 C:Max0.20 Mn:Max1.0 Si:Max0.8 P:Max0.03 S:Max0.01
The speification we produce: Seamless Tube: OD:15.88-219.1mm WT:0.8-20mm
Standard: ASTM A269, A213,A312,EN216-3.Metallurgical structure Alloy 254SMO is face-centered cubic lattice structure. In order to obtain austenitic structure, 254SMO general annealing in the 1150-1200degree.In some cases, the material maybe with the traces of metal middle phase (x phase and & alpha phase). However,their impact strength and corrosion resistance are not adversely affected in normal circumstances. When placed in the range of 600-1000degree, they may phase in the grain boundary precipitation.

Mechanical Properties

Condition: quenched

Product Dimension
0.2% proof stress
Tensile strength
Elongation A5
% min.
L    Q     T
Impact strength
J min.
L    Q     T
St, Sch ≤250 550 750 25   – –    – - 70   – –    – -
Bl ≤ 75 - –   251)  – - - –   55    – -

St = Bar , Sch = Forging,
Bl = Sheet or plate
L = Longitudinal, Q = Transverse, T = Tangential
1) < 3mm = A80mm specimen
The values for other products and dimensions shall be established by agreement.

Technical Info

Chemical Composition (average %)

C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni W Cu N PREN
0.020 0.25 0.55 25.20 3.70 7.00 0.65 0.60 0.22 Min. 40