C95400/C95200/C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Offer Special Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy UNS C61400 with good corrosion resistance

We supply C95800 Aluminum Bronze is especially suited for marine applications


Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
C95800 Aluminum Bronze
C95800 Aluminum Bronze
Aluminum Bronze Alloy UNS C61400Aluminum Bronze Alloy UNS C61400


Get MTEK 375 Aluminum Bronze here used for forming, drawing, and bending of stainless steel.

Aluminium Bronze Nut Bolt Washer
Aluminium Bronze Nut Bolt Washer

With a signature golden colour, this metal is an alloy of bronze, wherein the content of aluminium is far greater than the addition of bronze or even brass. The golden colour is a result of the dilution of the orangish tinge of copper with zinc and the silver of aluminium in the nickel aluminium bronze. Amongst all the bronze alloys, UNS C61400 aluminium bronze is most prized for properties such as their higher strength and corrosion resistance. Not only are the alloys are tarnish-resistant, but  Aluminum Bronze also exhibits a lower rate of corrosion in atmospheric conditions.

The alloy has a lower rate of oxidation at high temperatures.  Furthermore, the MTEK 375 Aluminum Bronze has low reactivity with sulfur containing compounds as well as other products, which are a part of exhaust combustion. The moderate content of copper present in the alloy is what gives the C95900 Aluminum Bronze resistant to corrosion in seawater. The corrosion resistance properties of this particular alloy stem from the inclusion of aluminium in the metal. Aluminium located on the surface of the C95500 Aluminum Bronze component tends to react with naturally occurring atmospheric oxygen. This reaction results in the formation of a thin, yet, tough layer of alumina or as also known as an aluminium oxide layer by manufacturers.  The presence of a newly formed alumina on the surface of C95200 Aluminum Bronze acts as a bar to decay of this copper-based alloy. The addition of tin in the alloy is also known to enhance its corrosion resistance properties.

Another striking property of C95400 Aluminum Bronze is their biostatic effect, which is effective in stopping the growth of micro-organisms on the surface of the alloy. This effect has been attributed to the copper component of the alloy. Copper, in turn, has good anti-microbial as well as bacteriostatic properties, which hinders colonization by marine organisms. Which is why more often than not special Nickel Aluminum Bronze C95800 ranks amongst the most preferred alloys, particularly in comparison to stainless steel or other non-cupric alloys.


Material Specification Chart of Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Material Aluminium
Size 1/2 inch, 4 inch
Diameter 10 – 100 mm
Shape Round
Length Less than 6m


Chemical Formula Of Alloy UNS C61400

Cu% Sn% Pb% Zn% Fe% Ni% Sb% P% S% AI% Mn% Si%
83.00 Min N/A N/A N/A 3.00-
1.5 N/A N/A N/A 10.00-
0.50 N/A


Mechanical Behaviour Of Aluminum Bronze

Mechanical – Aluminum Bronze
Tensile Strength, min 85 ksi 586 MPa
Yield Strength @ .5% ext under load min 32 ksi 221 MPa
Elongation in 2 in. or 50 mm min, % 12  
Brinell Hardness 170 typical Bhn (3000kg)  
Machinability Rating 60%


Physical Properties of Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  US Customary Metric
Melting Point-Liquidus 1900 F 1038 C
Melting Point-Solidus 1880 F 1027 C
Density 0.269 lb/in3
@ 68 F
7.45 gm/cm3
@ 20 C
Specific Gravity 7.450 7.45
Electrical Resistivity 80.20 ohms-cmil/ft
@ 68 F
13.33 microhm-cm
@ 20 C
Electrical Conductivity 130 %IACS
@ 68 F
0.075 MegaSiemens/
cm @ 20 C
Thermal Conductivity 33.90 Btu ft/
(hr ft2 oF) @ 68 F
58.7 W/m oK @ 20 C
Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion
90 10-6 per oF
(68-572 F)
16.2 10-6 per oC
(20-300 C)
Specific Heat Capacity 0.10 Btu/lb/oF
@ 68 F
419.0 J/kg oK
@ 293 K
Modulus of Elasticity
in Tension
15500 ksi 107000 MPa
Magnetic Permeability* 1.270 1.27
*Field Strength 16 kA/m


Fabrication Properties

Joining Technique Suitability
Soldering Good
Brazing Good
Oxyacetylene Welding Not Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Good
Coated Metal Arc Welding Good



  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Very resistant to seawater corrosion.
  • Good strength.
  • Good ductility.


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