astm a276 type 303 stainless steel round bar and rod

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Astm A276 Type 303 Stainless Steel Round Bar
Astm A276 Type 303 Stainless Steel Round Bar
ASME SA276 UNS S30300 Rod
ASME SA276 UNS S30300 Rod
ASTM A479 grade 303 Flat barASTM A479 grade 303 Flat bar


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Unlike its fellow austenitic grade 304, stainless steel 303 contains additions of sulfur or selenium in its alloy. While the inclusion of sulfur is referred to as stainless steel 303 round bars, the addition of element selenium is referred to as 303se, where the term se indicates that the metal has been alloyed with selenium. The machinability properties of WNR 1.4305 square bar have been optimized by either of these two elements. Hence, if the application calls for superior machinability properties, this alloy is the appropriate choice. Along with an improvement in its machinability,303 Steel Cold Finished Bars have superior galling characteristics as well.

However, in comparison to grade 304, the corrosion resistance of this alloy grade tends to be lower. Though the addition of sulfur, which improves machinability, it also results in certain drawbacks seen in the ASTM A479 UNS S30300 hex bar. Firstly, the alloy’s resistance to corrosion becomes lower. Next, its toughness properties are slightly impaired. Furthermore, those regions in the microstructure of astm a276 type 303 flat bar which contain sulfur act as initiators for corrosion by means of pitting. But for both intermittent and continuous use, the alloy exhibits good resistance to oxidation, up to temperatures 927°C. Yet, manufacturers do not recommend using the JIS SUS 303 black bar at temperatures exceeding 760°C, solely because of higher carbon content, promoting carbide precipitation.

A phenomenon which in turn results in irregular scaling in the 303 stainless steel rod. Generally, lower carbon-containing alloys are resilient to becoming susceptible to sensitisation, unlike the 303 stainless steel welding rod. While welding this material is not recommended, it is a task that could be undertaken by welding the AISI 303 threaded bar with the aid of electrodes produced in stainless steel grade 310. Annealing performed on this alloy has its benefits including dissolution of carbide precipitates and achievement of a high machining rate, with the hardness property of the ss 303 bright bar valued between a range of 200 to 240 Brinell.


Material Specification Chart Of Stainless Steel 303 Round Bar

  • Specification : ASTM A276, A479 / ASME SA276, SA479
  • Square Bars : 18mm – 47mm (11/16″ to 1-3/4″)
  • Round Bars : Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 500mm
  • Standard : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
  • Bright Bars : Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 100mm
  • Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle Etc.
  • Hex Bars : 18mm – 57mm (11/16″ to 2-3/4″)
  • Length : 1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
  • Finish : Black, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish


Astm A276 Type 303 SS Round Bar Markings

  • “WP” in grade symbol
  •   Material Designation
  •   Rating Designation
  •   Schedule number or nominal wall thickness
  •   Grade
  •  Manufacturer’s Name or Symbol
  •   Heat Code


Size Chart Of ASTM A479 Grade 303 Rod




Round Bar

1/8” dia


Square Bar



Hex Bar



Flat Bar

upon request

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ASME SA276 UNS S30300 Flat Bar Documentation
  • Mechanical test report
  • Guarantee letter of the company
  • Chemical test report
  • Packaging list

  • Visual inspection statement
  • Commercial invoice
Mechanical Behaviour Of SUS 303 Round Bar

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
8.0 g/cm3 1400 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 85,000 Psi – 45,000 50%


Chemical Formula Of DIN 1.4305 Hex bar








Carbon (%)


Manganese (%)


Phosphorous (%)


Sulfur (%)

0.15 min

Silicon, Max (%)


Chromium (%)


Nickel (%)


Molybden (%)

Selenium (%)

Other Elements (%)

Equivalent Grades of AISI 303 Bar

SS 303 1.4305 S30300 SUS 303
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Material testing of 303 Stainless Steel Round Bar
  • Micro and macro test
  • Chemical test
  • Mechanical test
  • Positive material identification test
  • Third party inspection
  • Visual inspection

  • Pitting resistance test


Ready Stock of 303 Stainless Steel Rod

  • Stainless Steel 1.4305 Round Bars
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  • Stainless Steel 303 Round Bar
  • SS 303 Round Bar
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  • Stainless Steel 1.4305 Square Bar
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  • UNS S30300 Square Bar
  • Stainless Steel 303 Square Bar
  • SS 303 Square Bar
  • SUS 303 Square Bars
  • AISI 303 Square Bars
  • ASTM A276 SS 303 Hollow Bar
  • SUS 303 Hollow Bars
  • UNS S30300 Hollow Bars
  • Stainless Steel 1.4305 Hollow Bar
  • AISI 303 Hollow Bar
  • Stainless Steel 303 Hollow Bar
  • SS 303 Hollow Bar
  • UNS S30300 Hex Bar
  • ASTM A276 SS 303 Hex Bar
  • Stainless Steel 303 Hex Bar
  • SS 1.4305 Hex Bars
  • SS 303 Hexagonal Bar
  • SUS 303 Hexagonal Bars
  • AISI 303 Hex Bars
  • SUS 303 Bright Bars
  • ASTM A276 SS 303 Bright Bar
  • UNS S30300 Bright Bars
  • Stainless Steel 303 Bright Bar
  • SS 303 Bright Bar
  • AISI 303 Bright Bar
  • SS 1.4305 Bright Bar
  • SUS 303 Forged Bars
  • ASTM A276 SS 303 Forged Bar
  • UNS S30300 Forged Bar
  • Stainless Steel 303 Forged Bar
  • SS 1.4305 Forged Bars
  • SS 303 Forged Bar
  • AISI 303 Forged Bar


Test certifications of SS 303 Round bar
  • These certificated are given in accordance with the EN 10204/ 3.1.

  • 100% radiography test
  • Third party inspection statement
  • Raw material certificate

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