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Carbon Steel Round Bar
Carbon Steel Round Bar
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Killed Carbon Steel Hex Bar
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Carbon steels are highly economical and cost saving alternatives to alloy steel and stainless steel grades. Depending on the content of carbon, carbon steel rod manufacturers in India segregate the alloys into low, medium and high carbon steels. The primary consumers of these bars, according to many carbon steel round bar manufacturer are the oil and gas industry. The pressure applied during transmission in the oil and gas industry tends to be really high.

Using pipes in such cases may not be a feasible option. Since a carbon steel hollow bar is constructed with thicker cross sectioned walls, it could be used for high velocity transportation of oil and gas. Generally, carbon steel round bar suppliers recommend using these bars in instances where toughness and hardness, with minimal ductility, is required. The higher the content of carbon present in the alloy of 1045 carbon steel hex bar, the harder the component is.

Mainly the economical value of this alloy is lower on account of only carbon and iron being the alloyants in the carbon steel square bar. Though carbon steel just contains these two elements, some components may contain residual elements such as manganese, silicon and copper in the alloy of carbon steel angle bar. Yet, the percentage of these elements in the carbon steel flat bar must be less than 1.65 wt.


Dimensions Standard And Specification Of Carbon Steel Round Bar

Specifications ASTM A105, ASME SA105
Hex Bars AF5.8mm–17mm
Round Bars
 3.0 – 50.8 mm, Over 50.8 – 300mm
Square Bars
AF2mm – 14mm, AF6.35mm,9.5mm,12.7mm, 15.98mm,19.0mm, 25.4mm
Flat Bars
1/2” to 10” in thickness range of 2mm to 150mm,
Rectangular Bars
6.35 x 12.7mm,6.35 x 25.4mm,12.7 x 25.4mm
Length 1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
Finish Bright, Polish & Black
Form Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.


Carbon Steel Rod Price

  • Carbon Steel round bar
    US $1800-2300 / Ton
  • A105 Carbon Steel bar manufacturer
    US $1800-2300 / Ton
  • Carbon Steel hex bar
    US $1.5-4.5 / Kilogram
  • Carbon Steel bars
    US $1000-2500 / Ton
  • astm A105 Carbon Steel rods
    US $2000-3000 / Ton
  • ASTM A105 rods
    US $1300-2600 / Metric Ton
  • Carbon Steel square bar
    US $1550-2400 / Ton


Other Grades of Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Bar


Material Testing on Killed Carbon Steel Hex Bar

  • Flaring Test
  • Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test
  • Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area
  • Flattening Test
  • Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing
  • Chemical Analysis – Spectro Analysis
  • Hardness Test
  • Micro and MacroTest
  • Pitting Resistance Test


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  • Carbon Steel Bright Bar
  • Carbon Steel Hex Bar
  • Carbon Steel Square Bar
  • Carbon Steel Rectangular Bar
  • Carbon Steel Flat Bars
  • Carbon Steel Polished Bar
  • Carbon Steel Threaded Bar


Documentation with Carbon Steel Flat Bar

  • Certificate of Origin legalized/attested by Chamber of Commerce or Embassy
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Welding Procedure Specification/Procedure Qualification Record, WPS/PQR
  • NABL approved Laboratory Test Reports
  • Form A for the purposes of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
  • Heat Treatment Charts
  • Commercial Invoice which includes HS Code
  • Packing List including net weight and gross weight, number of boxes, Marks and Numbers
  • Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
  • Fumigation Certificates
  • Raw Material Test Reports
  • Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175
  • Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2
  • Material Traceability Records



Test Certificates of Carbon Steel Bars & Rods

  • Raw Materials Certificate
  • EN 10204/3.1B,
  • 100% Radiography Test Report
  • Third Party Inspection Report, etc


Application Industries of CS Round Bar

  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Pulp and Paper Industry