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Stainless Steel 440C & 440B

440C Stainless steel is a type of modern steel and famous for its high corrosion resistant, wear resistance, strength and hardness qualities, among all the stainless alloys, capable of attaining (after heat treatment) the highest hardness (60 HRC). It has good resistance to the atmosphere, fresh water and mild acids. It has best resistance in the hardened, tempered and passivated condition. It allows creating a smooth polished surface and Razor sharp edges. ss-440
It is being used in cutting instruments, rolling element bearings, valve seats, high quality knife blades, surgical instruments, chisels, ball bearings and valve parts and most commonly used in the production of Cutting tools, including Haircutting Scissors, daggers and swords.

Grades 440A and 440B are identical except for slightly lower carbon contents (0.60 – 0.75% and 0.75 – 0.95% respectively), they attain lower hardness but have slightly higher corrosion resistances. Although all three versions of this grade are standard grades, in practice 440C is more available than the A or B variants.

Another alloy 440F (UNS S44020) also exists, with the same high carbon content as 440C.

440 Steel family, there is a new modern kind of steel, known as 440V steel. Basically, it is the advancement of 440C steel. This steel has same level of hardness like 440C, but it has more corrosion resistant ability and more machine-ability.