Naval Brass Rod

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Naval Brass Rod
Naval Brass Rod
464 Brass Round Bar
464 Brass Round Bar
naval brass Welding Rod
naval brass Welding Rod


Because of its chemical makeup, brass is well suited to be used in applications dealing with a marine engineering or in this case navy operations. Naval Brass Rod Suppliers recommend using this alloy because it contains both zinc as well as copper. Copper plays an important role in the corrosion resistance of brass. Since the content of both zinc or copper may be altered, it is not uncommon for naval bases to make use of the 464 Brass Round Bar as a part of their daily operations.

Some areas on the naval base may face space issues and hence welding them may be an issue. Or in merchant navy ships, the transmission of highly volatile substances may cause explosions during welding. Which is why manufacturers recommend using the Naval Brass Threaded Rod. However, if the application could be completed by use of processes like either welding or even soldering, the worker may use the Naval Brass Welding Rod. Brass has excellent resistance to seawater and they perform well even in high velocity process based streams.

Furthermore, JIS H3300 Rods Brass also exhibits good antimicrobial properties, which is something that is required in marine industries, particularly because of the vegetation that may stick to the surface of vessels. Unlike many stainless steel grades, biofouling is not an occurrence on BS Naval Brass Rod.


Specification of Naval Brass Rod

  • Specification: ASTM B135
  • Rod Brass: C 23000, BS 2870 CZ 102, JIS H3300 C 2300
  • Naval Brass: IS291 Grade I or II, BS 2874 CZ 112, JIS 3250 C4622, ASTM C48200
  • Standard & Material: B 16 C 38500, C 36000, BS 2874 CZ – 121Pb3 or CZ124, IS319 Grade I/ II/ III, JIS3250 H C3604 or C3602

ASTM C48200 and JIS H3300 Naval Brass Rod, BS 2870 CZ 102 and JIS H3300 C 2300 Rods Brass Suppliers.

Chemical Composition of Naval Brass Rod

Chemical Requirements Garde I
Copper 61.0 – 64.0%
Lead 0.20% max
Tin 1.0 to 1.50%
Iron 0.10% max
Other Imp. 0.20% max
Zinc Remainder
Physical Properties of Naval Brass Rod

Condition Size T.S. 2 Kg/mm2 EL% Min
Half-Hard (HB) Upto 12.5  

12.5 to 50

50 to 100

40 min  

38.5 min

35 min




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