en353 round bar

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en353 round bar

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EN353 round bar is a very high strength steel alloy which is hardened and tempered before supplying and has nickel and many other elements which as excellent ductility power. This is used in automobile industry and the chemical composition that includes silicon, carbon, chromium, nickel and many others. EN353 alloy steel bar has many chemical properties like soft annealing, cooling, Hardness. Also many other grades are available which has many other sizes too.

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EN353 bar is a greater strength steel alloy which has high corrosion resistance and ductility power. It has mechanical properties like tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and lot more. Based on this the product is manufactured. En353 chemical composition is being explained and based on that the product is manufactured. This is the composition with helps the product to works smoothly. 


Composition Chart of SAE en353 Round Bar

0.10 – 0.20
0.50 – 1.00
0.10 – 0.35
Max 0.040
Max 0.040
0.75 – 1.25
0.08 – 0.15
1.00 – 1.50


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EN353 equivalent grades are available in the market. It has 0.17% carbon content and is used in high surface strength. And also with high tensile strength, aerospace sector. This is easily available in the market and is easy to install. Also used in heavy duty applications and is manufactured by a renowned company known as micro metals.This is the ISO certified and 20 years old organization and the name is maintained in the market.    


Material Equivalent of En 353 Alloy Steel Bar

  • BRITISH BS 970:1991 815M17 
  • BRITISH BS 970:1955 EN353 
  • GERMAN DIN 20NiCrMo5 
  • SWEDISH SS 2523 


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EN353 steel bar is hardened before shipped and it has commonest form of steel as the mechanical properties are acceptable for several other industries. This is having alloy steel material and the technique used is hot rolled. EN353 rods are always supplied with the test certificate and are manufactured by using high quality material.

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